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A Battle of Fate...

Are the rumors true? Is this place the Venterra of legends?

Either way, you didn't travel all this way to share it!

Take control of 1 of 5 different factions and conquer the land, leaving no doubt that you are the most powerful military force!

Along the way explore the wilds and build your strength through faction upgrades and mighty structures.

Only you decide the fate of Venterra...


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Gameplay Overview


Fate of Venterra is a strategy conquest game. With a rewarding combat system and player interactive game-play, it's a game players of all levels can enjoy!

Starting with set-up each player chooses from 5 different factions, each with their own strengths. Moving forward players work together to create the game board, placing one of the custom (8-Hex) board pieces to create the map. making it so the map scales linearly with the amount of players.

In play, each round players collect income based on the structures they currently control, then choose two out of four action cards to play. Based on this, players may choose to move, attack, build, or quest. Each action has multiple effects that take place, propelling the game-play constantly forward.

Through 8 rounds players must try to take the most territory and push back invading players, completing quests and making diplomatic deals.

The player with the most influence (Victory Points) be it through quests, territory controlled, structures, and card effects will become the winner of Fate of Venterra.

5 Unique Factions

Take control of 1 of 5 unique factions!
Each faction has their own individual strengths, upgrades, and favored play style. (although we've seen some crazy strategies)

Gameplay Videos

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