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About Korrosive Games

Korrosive Games is a small publishing and design company started in 2018 by Zach Kuntz and Nathan Ball. Our goal is to make fun and engaging board games with an emphasis on replay-ability and unique game play mechanics

Zach Kuntz

Zach is a game designer and part-time musician and writer from Arizona. An avid gamer both in board games and video games, he is always looking to bring a fresh but familiar experience to all his work. Frequenting the game groups and conventions in Arizona, he's never one to shy away from meeting new people.

Nathan Ball

Nathan Ball is a game designer who feeds his family and pays the bills with his day-job as an Aerospace Electrical Engineer in Arizona.  He is an avid gamer, analytical problem-solver, and lover of (almost) all things fantasy and sci-fi.  He enjoys bringing his game designs to life with his interests and talents.

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