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No Dice, No Randomizers, All Strategy


  Blood will be spilled. This is the fate of Venterra. A land created by the gods and lost in time.

  Fate of Venterra is a 4x board game like no other, nearly everything is common knowledge to all players in the game, so make your moves wisely.

  Choose 1 of 5 factions to take control of, each with their own motives and unique set of skills. Vie for supremacy through diplomatic plans or vicious charges. Manipulate the power of the gods to further your goals and spread your influence.

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Choose your allegiance

Faction Leaders (Yellow).png

Children of the Bear

Faction Leaders (Blue).png

The Northern

Faction Leaders (White).png

The Order

Faction Leaders (Brown).png

The Pack

Faction Leaders (Red).png

Legion of the Dragon

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