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Build the map! Fight your enemies! And become the strongest faction in Venterra!

  "Fate of Venterra" is a strategy conquest game set in the fictional land of Venterra; a land previously hidden behind a never ending storm. After building a stable fortress to launch your conquest from, you are faced with taming the wild lands before eventually defeating your opponents and securing your reign.

Only you can decide the fate of Venterra...

What makes Fate of Venterra unique?

1. Movement style not in any other game

There are 2 different types of movement in "Fate of Venterra." All of your units move from ONE territory to ANY OTHER place or all of your units move from ANY OTHER place to ONE territory. This type of movement makes planning in advance very important and rewards players who can use it effectively.

2. Asymmetrical factions with different play styles

Not only is each faction different, they also have an unlimited amount of strategies. You can play them however you want, which means even after 100+ play-throughs we are still seeing new and evolving strategies. Your imagination is the limit!

3. The game is a play ground

It's no joke. Players build the board, they pick their starting spot, and they make their strategy. You the player are in control and each time you play its different. That is a constant thing we here from play testers, they love how each time they play is totally different from the last.

We are constantly looking at new ways to play the game with just the standard game, no extra components. For examples: teams, story mode, solo mode, king of the hill. All amazing ideas thought up by the community. While we do have expansions in mind, the goal is to have a game that is great, just the way it is.


Buildable Board

Build a different board every game!
There is no set map in this game, so every experience is special. Each player has a hand in building the board and making it their own, creating interesting interactions.
There are 4 conquerable terrain types:
Water, Fields, Mountains, and Desert.

Custom Meeples

Choose from 5 separate unit types, each with their own values and special abilities. Each faction can purchase the same units, while using them in different ways.

Strategic Combat

A combat system familiar to new and old gamers!
The highest amount of attack strength or Defense, will win battles. This number can be augmented by faction upgrades, combat cards, and unit strength. All attack strength is available to see so there are little to no variables or unknowns. Making each decision you make even more important. 

Artistic Buildings

Build a structure, gaining
victory points for the end game
and certain immediate bonuses. Choose from 8 different structures.