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Build the map! Fight your enemies! And become the strongest faction in Venterra!

  "Fate of Venterra" is a strategy conquest game set in the fictional land of Venterra; a land previously hidden behind a never ending storm. After building a stable fortress to launch your conquest from, you are faced with taming the wild lands before eventually defeating your opponents and securing your reign.

Only you can decide the fate of Venterra...

5 Unique Factions

Take control of 1 of 5 unique factions!
Each faction has their own individual strengths, upgrades, and favored play style. (although we've seen some crazy strategies)

The Pack

Living in the Wild Plains near the coast of Venterra, the Pack live much like the wild wolves who they believe to be their relatives and ancestors. Fiercely loyal and noble hunters, The Pack learns from the wolves and worships the moon, Des’adar. Recently Des'adar has appeared to the Eldapriest and urged the conflicting tribes to unite and protect the sacred land of Venterra. Now, united as one tribe, they seek to protect this land from foreign invaders and garner the moon's eternal favor.


The Watchers

Hailing from the frigid coasts of the Iron Straits, this order was formed during a defensive struggle against the invading Legion of The Dragon. Now a days they uphold their mighty commission, to protect the world from otherworldly powers and destructive magic. When the Watchers heard of the discovery of Venterra, they knew that the fate of the world would be at stake if the wrong hands got hold of the ancient magic rumored to exist there. Leaving their homes, they made the long journey from the safety of the Northern Alliance, that they may save all mortals.

Though they condemn the use of magic, in times of trouble they have been known to use it as a necessary evil.


Children of the Bear

The many tribes of the Eastern Highlands live in constant conflict, with war-lords fighting for control of the now ruined Kishla’ or “City of Gold” and its surrounding city states. Long ago Kishla' was the center of all commerce under the rule of king Ka’jer. Until one day he was turned to gold by a vengeful spirit, and soon after the kingdom crumbled from in-fighting. Now with the discovery of Venterra, Several tribes have banded together to form the Children of the Bear and search for the magic to free Ka'jer from his golden prison. As they march towards Venterra, they grow in numbers, picking up new recruits with the hopes of restoring their lands former glory.


Legion of the Dragon

Conquering much of the known world, the vastly expansive reach of the Legion of the Dragon is now slowly crumbling. With their empire in decline, they search for one thing that might restore their former glory for the foreseeable future. With the discovery of Venterra spreading quickly, and word of invading forces already on the move, The Legion has quickly mobilized a sizable force to claim the land and anything within it.


The Order

Self-proclaimed prophets, The Order operates in much of the known world as spiritual enforcers of the will of the gods. They will do whatever is necessary to accomplish this goal, even forming a small militant force of loyal followers. Seeing the endless evil corrupting the world, they long to call down the god's judgement and bring a new era of peace and harmony. They now travel to Venterra, to go directly to the land of the gods, and ask them to save humanity. Many people see their goal as a noble one, even if their methods may be harsh.

Easy to Learn.. Hard to Master

We knew right from the start we needed to make a game that was fun for new players and rewarding for experienced players. That's why most players are able to grasp the game-play in

1 turn or less! And while it's easy to pick up and play, more experienced players will see the deeper game-play mechanics and take home the victory.

"Fate of Venterra" is designed similar to games like video games Star Craft, Age of Empires, and board games Scythe and Risk. And don't worry, there's no need to buy several miniatures expansions. Our game comes with all of the troops you'll need!


What makes our game unique?

1. Movement style not in any other game

There are 2 different types of movement in "Fate of Venterra." All of your units move from ONE territory to ANY OTHER place or all of your units move from ANY OTHER place to ONE territory. This type of movement makes planning in advance very important and rewards players who can use it effectively.

2. Asymmetrical factions with different play styles

Not only is each faction different, they also have an unlimited amount of strategies. You can play them however you want, which means even after 100+ play-throughs we are still seeing new and evolving strategies. Your imagination is the limit!

3. The game is a play ground

It's no joke. Players build the board, they pick their starting spot, and they make their strategy. You the player are in control and each time you play its different. That is a constant thing we here from play testers, they love how each time they play is totally different from the last.

We are constantly looking at new ways to play the game with just the standard game, no extra components. For examples: teams, story mode, solo mode, king of the hill. All amazing ideas thought up by the community. While we do have expansions in mind, the goal is to have a game that is great, just the way it is.

Buildable Board

Build a different board every game!
There is no set map in this game, so every experience is special. Each player has a hand in building the board and making it their own, creating interesting interactions.
There are 4 conquerable terrain types:
Water, Fields, Mountains, and Desert.

Strategic Combat

A combat system familiar to new and old gamers!
The highest amount of attack strength or Defense, will win battles. This number can be augmented by faction upgrades, combat cards, and unit strength. All attack strength is available to see so there are little to no variables or unknowns. Making each decision you make even more important. 

Custom Meeples

Choose from 5 separate unit types, each with their own values and special abilities. Each faction can purchase the same units, while using them in different ways.

Artistic Buildings

Build a structure, gaining
victory points for the end game
and certain immediate bonuses. Choose from 8 different structures.