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Coming to Kickstarter soon

On Kickstarter soon
The 4x Fantasy Board Game with Zero Dice and Multiple Paths to Victory

Fate of Venterra Board Game Box

Join a world of rich lore and unique factions, each laying claim to Venterra and it's secrets.

In Fate of Venterra you take the role of one of 6 asymmetric factions (including the 6th player expansion) in a tight economic and militant race to gain the most influence over different aspects in the game.

  • Fully customizable map.

  • Hundreds of meeples armies

  • 3d buildings and ways to visually upgrade those buildings

  • Deep strategy with intuitive gameplay

  • Asymmetric player factions

  • Multiple ways to change the game based on set-up

Do you like Scythe the board game and Twilight imperium: Fourth Edition? Then you'll love Fate of Venterra.

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