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  • Zach Kuntz

News update for May

Hey everyone, hope you're having a great month so far! We are hard at work getting tons done to get ready for Geekway to the West this month. We will have pretty new banners, a giveaway, game swag, and a new tutorial as a conduit to teach Fate of Venterra to new players.

First up let's talk about future conventions for us. This month of May is Geekway to the West, where we will have a booth and several scheduled game times for you to have a chance to play FoV (Fate of Venterra). After that we will be down in Tucson, AZ for Rin Con near the end of June. Following that we have Game On Expo and Maricopacon in Phoenix, AZ in August.

The largest addition to our booths in the future will be our open layout and quick tutorial for new players. However much we love playing a full and intense game with all of you, we realize that for people who need a quick option to learn the game, what we currently do is limiting for them. In keeping with our influence from video games, we've decided to create a interactive guided tutorial that will run players through the first round of game play. In this way you'll be able to learn the game while playing the game, which will be inclusive for all types of learners.

These tutorials will take place at our booth every hour or so and will allow for 1 round of guided play and 1 round of free play. Our plan currently is for the seating at these events to be on a first come basis, so we are not waiting long for players to sit down.

To explain the open layout, we are going to experiment with the idea of having a booth space that attendees can walk through. This means no large rectangular table to seperate us from you, our future fans! I want to be able to interact with as many new faces as we can, not just because you're all super cool peoples, but because we would like to nourish a community for years to come.

Geekway to the West Giveaway.

This is for attendees at Geekway to the West. As a part of our events at the convention, people who sign up for our email list during the con will be entered into a drawing for a $100 Amazon gift card. Along with this, we are offering stickers and a poster for liking each of our social media pages while attending. I would go over what the poster and stickers look like right now.. but I think it's more fun (for me) to make you wait and see for yourself.

Table Top Simulator!!!!!

Did I get your attention with all of the exclamation marks? How many is too many? Oh right, back on topic.

We are working super hard to get a version of Fate of Venterra on table top sim this month. This will accomplish one of our largest goals, to make a game available for people to enjoy! Putting this online for people who are all over the world will mean that no matter where you are, you'll be able to play the early version of FoV. Access to this version of the game will require you join our discord group and become a part of the playtesting community, so go to the home page of our Korrosive Games website and click on the Discord link.


Our YouTube channel is sad and lame, this should be fixed don't you think? We think so too, so as far as what we have planned either this month or next is to make a how to play video for FoV, along with video guides on how to play each faction. Additional media is in the works, but those are the main ones we are working on currently.

I think that about sums up our major plans for May. Thanks for the support, the love, and the cheering on. You're all fantastic.

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